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Our Festival

The Pasadena International Film Festival gathers the best and the brightest in entertainment from all around the globe to spend eight days and nights reveling in the joy that is film. Film brings us all together. Whether it is an informative documentary, a comedy that brings us to tears with laughter, or a children's animation, film is a medium that calls on our compassion and understanding.

The Pasadena International Film Festival enhances and rewards the lives of filmmakers and the community by creating lasting relationships, profound experiences, and meaningful connections that serve as catalysts for both the filmmakers' success as well as the community's artistic and cultural enrichment.


Come join us as we embrace the gorgeous southern California weather and palm trees while discussing your favorite screening for the day... have a libation with an actor from your favorite TV show, or tell a journalist on the red carpet why you voted for the film that you did. Community is important to us. Every film block is given a personal introduction, and ends with a moderator-hosted Q and A to learn about the filmmaking experience.  Every night we host a Passholders Lounge with an open bar capturing an era of grace, elegance, and mystery. On the last night of the Festival, join us at our Great Gatsby Gala & Award Ceremony.


We invite you to the lovely city of Pasadena — long known for its love and support of the arts.  Filmmakers, celebrities, and the public gather for a festive and exciting week that promotes class, craft, culture, and community.  People from every continent are invited to share in the beauty that is Pasadena. Won't you join us?


Jessica Hardin, Festival Director 

Marco Neves, Creative Director 

Laura Levin, Graphic Designer 

Jordan Williams, Project Manager / Showrunner 

Jeff Bulosan, Showrunner 

Emma Rose, Showrunner 

Janell Young, Intern 

Jennifer Hawkins, Intern

Hannah Mullahey, Intern

Friends of PIFF

Clare Kramer

Mark Kirkland

Greg Laemmle

James Marsters

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