Our Festival

The Pasadena International Film Festival brings together filmmakers, artists, businesses, and the public for nine days filled with entertainment and education. Panels and workshops provide the general public with knowledge and culture, screenings provide entertainment, and business is generated as people mix and mingle after each screening, stopping into shops and stores, restaurants and lounges. 


Pasadena International Film Festival enhances and rewards the lives of filmmakers and the community by creating lasting relationships, profound experiences, and meaningful connections that serve as catalysts for both the filmmakers' success as well as the community's artistic and cultural enrichment.


We show the best of the best in independent film. Every evening we host a post-screening mixer at a venue that reflects Old Hollywood — an era of grace, elegance, and mystery. On the last night of the Festival, Join us at our Great Gatsby Gala & Award Ceremony.


We invite you to participate in an event that draws business and prestige for the lovely city of Pasadena — long known for its love and support of the arts.  Filmmakers, celebrities, and the public gather for a festive and exciting week that promotes class, craft, culture, and community.  People from every continent are invited to share in the beauty that is Pasadena. Won't you join us?


Jessica Hardin, Festival Director

Marco Neves, Creative Director

Yidan Xu, Intern

Laura Levin, Graphic Designer

Hugo Arteaga, Graphic Designer

Jordan Williams, Marketing and Promotions Manager

Mike Rad, Master of Ceremonies

April Eckfeld, Mistress of Ceremonies


Monika Skerbelis

Jenny Hayden

Glen Reynolds

Matthew Aversa

Friends of PIFF

Clare Kramer

Sylmara Multini

Mark Kirkland

Greg Laemmle

James Marsters