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1 - Best Feature Film 

The Martini Shot 

Don't Tell Larry - WINNER 

Ramona at Midlife 


My Home Unknown


2 - Best Short Film 



Trevor Hurt Someone 

Estela, Is It You? 

Motel Room 

Enemy No More - WINNER 

Help Is... On The Way? 

Henry's Back 

L'Hypermnesique (The Hypermnestic) 

The Last Take 

One Day You'll Know 

A Pint 

This Is Not My Beautiful House 

Why Dogs Howl 

Hello, Goodbye 


3 - Best Documentary Feature 

Offroad Monks 

Above The Ring 

Acting Like Nothing Is Wrong - WINNER 


4 - Best Documentary Short 

Waiter For Life 

A Cow In The Sky 

To Myself With Love: The Bessie Stringfield Story - WINNER 

The Orchestra Chuck Built 



5 - Best Feature Screenplay 

Alcanza el Sol (Reach for the Sun) by Douglas May 

At The Mercy of Faith by Samuel Taylor 

Deadly Shadows by Toneata Leona Martocchio 

The Match by Crystal Rivers - WINNER

Graham by Stephanie Hutchinson 

Charlie Two Shoes by Dax Phelan 

Ma's Way by Christopher Buonopane 

The Molting by Rick Kitagawa 

They Eat Their Young by Steve Smith 

Time Loss by Bradford Hill 


6 - Best Short Screenplay 

Who Loves The Lovemakers? by Rob McNeil 

The Cargo by Chris Edgar 

The Ride by Alysha Haran - WINNER 

Supercuts by Reece Prentice Mitchell 

We Are Not The Same by Sara Freedland 


7 - Best Stage Play 

The Lake At Calvary by Ed Vela - WINNER 

Pirandello's Wife by Lynn H. Elliott 

A Little Grift by Josh Baxt 

Poor Players by Ronald Kaehler 

Blood Type: RAGU - The Stage Script by Frank Ingrasciotta 


8 - Best Student Film 

Single Mother

Sorrow Nowhere 

A Work of Heart 

The Translator - WINNER 

The Lost Weekend 


9 - Audience Award 

Don't Tell Larry - WINNER 


10 - Best Animation 

Bento Banana - WINNER 

In The Shadows 

The Mayfly 


11 - Best Actor ( Feature ) 

Matthew Modine (The Martini Shot) 

Kiel Kennedy (Don't Tell Larry) 

Finn Haney (What We Find on the Road) - WINNER 


12 - Best Actress ( Feature ) 

Yaz Canli (My Home Unknown) 

Chuti Tiu (A Summer Night) - WINNER 

Yvonne Woods (Ramona At Midlife) 


13 - Best Actor ( Short ) 

Brian Rich (This Is Not My Beautiful House)

Dan Lauria (END)

Alexander Aguirre (Trevor Hurt Someone) 

Jamal Johnson (The Other Mind) 

Daniel E. Mora (Henry's Back) 

Brian Foyster (The Last Take) 

Robert John Burke (The Last Take) 

Gary Teitelbaum (Why Dogs Howl) - WINNER 


14 - Best Actress ( Short ) 

Kelley Mack (My Own Silence) 

Tammy Kaitz (Motel Room) 

Lauren Noll (The Heart of Texas) 

Laura Patalano (Estela, Is It You?) 

Shiona Lee (Hello, Goodbye) - WINNER 

Chris Yejin (Hello, Goodbye) 

Cheryl Bonilla (72) 

Emma Dusenbury (One Day You'll Know) 


15 - Best Director ( Feature ) 

Stephen Wallis (The Martini Shot) - WINNER 

John Schimke & Greg Porper (Don't Tell Larry) 

Chaysen Beacham (What We Find on the Road) 

Yaz Canli (My Home Unknown) 

Lina Suh (Meeting You, Meeting Me) 

Oscar Torre (A Summer Night) 


16 - Best Director ( Short ) 

Scott McKinney (Late Night Grieve) 

Gregory Kasunich (The Heart of Texas) 

Sam Pinnelas (Trevor Hurt Someone) 

Christopher Schultz (Enemy No More) 

Fabian Martin & Victor Martin (Estela, Is It You?) 

Chris Lee (Hello, Goodbye) 

Brian Foyster (The Last Take) - WINNER 

Marissa Chibas (72) 

Kerri Lynn Miller (The Luckiest Man Alive)  

17 – Best Horror/Thriller 


My Own Silence 

The Luckiest Man Alive 

Don't Hate Me

The English Rose - WINNER 



Come Home 



18 – Best Sci-Fi 

Roswell Delirium 

Older Self 

Space Ryder 

The Love Rock 

Division - WINNER 


19 – Best Comedy 


Don't Tell Larry 


Quiet! Mom's Working! 

Undercover Wrestler 

Last Rights 


Why Dogs Howl 

The Black Experience 

Hangover Food: Vampire Influencer - WINNER 


20 – Best Film Score 

Division (music by Nigel Harrison and Clark Moses)

Nocturne (music by Jonathan Beard and Forrest Gray) 

Ojue (music by Alejandro Lagrotta)

Space Ryder (music by Ken Christianson) 

DeadHead (music by Robert Reider) - WINNER 



Block 1 - 3:30 PM


Motel Room 

The Big Book 

The Heart of Texas 


Block 2 - 5:30 PM

Lost Bird 

Single Mother 

The Point 

Offroad Monks 


Block 3 - 7:30 PM


Roswell Delirium 



PIFF 2024 PANEL - 12:00 PM 

Brian Ralston - Audio Is Half Your Film: Panel on Music and Sound in Post-Production

This panel discussion of a composer, music supervisor, motion picture sound designer/mixer, and film director will deep dive into the Post-Production audio and music process, discussing what works on a technical, creative and business level and how to avoid what doesn’t.


Guest speakers include: Sharon Farber (Composer/Producer, AMPAS board member, Television Academy board member, Alliance for Women Film Composers VP); James Jacoby (Music Supervisor, former head of of film music licesing at Warner Bros.); Charlene Huang (VP of music production at Netflix Animation); Chris Chan Lee (film Director); and  Victoria Rose Sampson (Sound Department/Director/Producer). 


Block 4 - 1:40 PM

Wake Up Mijita!

Trevor Hurt Someone

Sorrow Nowhere

The Other Mind

Just Us

Sea Cloud Park


Block 5 - 3:40 PM




Block 6 - 6:00 PM

The Ossan

Instant Noodle

Pickled Herring


Henry's Back


Block 7 - 7:45 PM

Miracle Wood

The Bright Side of Being Barren

Don't Tell Larry


Block 8 - 10:10 PM

Melancholy Darkness

Take My Hand

Dead Air

Older Self


The Love Rock 


Block 9 - 12:00 PM

The Orchestra Chuck Built



Block 10 - 2:05 PM

Back to Normal

Flash Frame

The Best Gift in Life is Life Itself

Fiego and the Magic Fish


Last Rights

A Cow in the Sky

The Unreachable Star


Block 11 - 4:10 PM

Waiter for Life

United States vs Takashi Hoshizaki

Razon de Ser

Under The Umbrella

Pirarucu: The Breath of the Amazon

To Myself with Love, the Bessie Stringfield Story


Block 12 - 6:20 PM

Zoe and Alan meet, cute?

Chorus Notes

The Mayfly


Bento Banana


Block 13 - 8:10 PM

In The Shadows


Baggage Claim



Space Ryder


Block 14 - 10:10 PM

My Own Silence

The Mantis

The English Rose

The Unquiet Dead

Come Home


My Scary Indian Wedding



Block 15 - 12:00 PM


Not Afraid

Shot Clock

Above the Ring


Block 16 - 2:00 PM

Undercover Wrestler

The Black Experience


Carelessly There

The Avon Lady

A Work of Heart

Red Velvet

Why Dogs Howl


Block 17 - 4:00 PM



Quiet! Mom's Working!

The Ghost Light

Hangover Food: Vampire Influencer


Block 18 - 6:00 PM

A Suit and a Straight Razor


Don't Hate Me

Because I Love You




Block 19 - 8:05 PM


Help is... on the Way

Ramona at Midlife 


Block 20 - 2:10pm

Hello, Goodbye

The Lift

Enemy No More


Block 21 - 4:00 PM

And that's for this Christmas



Oh My Sweetheart


Good Grief

A Pint


Block 22 - 6:05 PM

The Ghost of Los Angeles

My Home Unknown


Block 23 - 8:15 PM

Apple Blossoms

The Last Take

The Hypermnestic

Estela, is it You?

One Day You'll Know


Block 24 - 3:40 PM

While you are right in front of me

Late Night Grieve

Forbidden Fruit

Exit Fee

Why Are You Leaving?

The Translator

The Overlook


Block 25 - 5:45 PM

The Lost Weekend

Meeting You, Meeting Me


Block 26 - 7:55 PM

Ashes on the Highway

What We Find on the Road 


PIFF 2024 PANEL - 1:00 PM 

State of the Industry today from a Talent Agent's Perspective:

Self tapes, self submissions, marketing yourself, creating your own content, changing your mindset to book the room and the job, finding the right agent for representation. 


Jake O'Flaherty representing the Dangerfield Talent Agency



Block 27 - 3:25 PM

Dead Head

Broken Vessels

A Summer Night


Block 28 - 5:30 PM

When Beverly Met Reita

Acting Like Nothing Is Wrong


Block 29 - 7:40 PM

This is not my Beautiful House

The Luckiest Man Alive

The Martini Shot

Screenplays, Stage Plays:

PIFF 2024 Official Selections

  1. Again by Katarzyna Claudia Muller (Short)

  2. Alcanza el Sol (Reach for the Sun) by Douglas May (Feature)

  3. Alone on the Beach by Simon King (Short)

  4. Arizona Way Out West & Wacky: The Play by Zachary Simpson (Stage Play)

  5. At The Mercy of Faith by Samuel Taylor (Feature)

  6. The Arrangement by Don L. Lorincz (Feature)

  7. Blood Type: RAGU - The Stage Script by Frank Ingrasciotta (Stage Play)

  8. Blue Jay Singing in the Dead of Night by Dale Griffiths Stamos (Feature)

  9. The Cargo by Chris Edgar (Short)

  10. Charlie Two Shoes by Dax Phelan (Feature)

  11. Deadly Shadows by Toneata Leona Martocchio (Feature)

  12. The Deputy by Paul Corricelli (Feature)

  13. The Empire Sky by Daniel Patrick Holland (Feature)

  14. The Genius by Randall Palmer (Feature)

  15. The George Sanders Affair by Michael Ellis (Feature)

  16. Graham by Stephanie Hutchinson (Feature)

  17. Hard Twisted by Chuck Greaves (Feature)

  18. In Jade Moonlight by Craig Stewart (Feature)

  19. Jump by Nicholas Daniel Cariddo (Feature)

  20. The Lake at Calvary by Ed Vela (Stage Play)

  21. A Little Grift by Josh Baxt (Stage Play)

  22. The Loser’s Club by Jonathan Turner Smith (Feature)

  23. Life of Bradley by Bill Brock (Feature)

  24. Ma’s Way by Christopher Buonopane (Feature)

  25. Mason by Kevin Waite (Feature)

  26. The Match by Crystal Rivers (Feature)

  27. The Molting by Rick Susumu Kitagawa (Feature)

  28. Mr. Right by Rakefet Abergel (Short)

  29. Normal With a Capital N by Aiko Lozar (Feature)

  30. On The Last Day by Rachel S. Thomas-Medwid (Feature)

  31. Pirandello’s Wife by Lynn H. Elliott (Stage Play)

  32. Poor Players by Ronald Kaehler (Stage Play)

  33. The Price of Living by Gerald Teaster (Feature)

  34. The Ride by Alysha Haran (Short)

  35. Second Nature by Max Lebow (Feature)

  36. The Short Game by Gunnar E. Garrett Jr. (Feature)

  37. Stupid Dead Boy by Alex Vickery-Howe (Feature)

  38. Supercuts by Reese Prentice Mitchell (Short)

  39. Ten Miracles by Harry Tyler Kleinman (Feature)

  40. They Eat Their Young by Steven Smith (Feature)

  41. Three Pretty Girls by Michael J. Dunker (Feature)

  42. Time Loss by Bradford Hill (Feature)

  43. Twists of Fate by Jaci Kjernander (Short)

  44. We Are Not The Same by Sara Freedland (Short)

  45. Who Loves The Lovemakers? by Rob McNeil (Short) 


The Great Gatsby Gala & Award Ceremony


7:00 PMRed Carpet

8:00 PMGreat Gatsby Gala & Award Ceremony

Dress Code: Black Tie optional - 1920's attire suggested 


72 North Fair Oaks Avenue

Pasadena, CA 91103

(626) 219-6054

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