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"You guys really put on a show! I can't imagine doing what you did to pull things together. The organization and logistics… everything ran so smoothly, and looked so positively effortless, that it belied all the long hours and dedication you poured into this project. You also managed to assemble a marvelous group of volunteers and staff, all of whom are to be commended for their work. I heard nothing but superlatives from all who attended. Filmmakers and audiences alike felt welcomed and nourished by the experience, and I feel certain that the good words they take home with them will go a long way to put this festival -- and your hospitality -- on the map. My wife and I, along with our friends, are already looking forward to next year's festival -- and to watching it grow in your capable hands."

 Michael Gross

PIFF Honoree Jay O. Sanders at the 2014 PIFF Great Gatsby Gala.

Lucky 13 star Kirstin Zotovich and husband Jerrod McIlvain at the "Great Gatsby" Gala.

PIFF Honoree Mimi Kennedy at the 2014 PIFF Great Gatsby Gala.

"Great Gatsby" Gala - PIFF 2014

Writer/Producer David Fury presenting Actor James Marsters with the PIFF Versatility Award.

PIFF 2014 Awards

Best Short: "Who's Afraid of the Big Black Wolf?" - Triglav Film

Best Documentary: "Salvage" - Moonhill Productions

Best Director: Bertrand Paré ("Itsy Bitsy Spiders")

Best Screenplay: Preston Peterson and Jason Boesch ("LiFi")

Best Drama: "Discover Kasper" - Amizod Pictures

Best Comedy: "Eggman" - Mano A Mano Productions

Best Actor: Wayne T. Carr ("Who's Afraid of the Big Black Wolf?")

Best Actress: Gabrielle Christian ("Breaking Chains")

Best Ensemble Cast: Zachary Sherman, Sun Hong, Jeremy Radin ("LiFi")

PIFF 2014 Photos

James Marsters, Clare Kramer, Jasmin Marsters, and David Fury at the 2014 PIFF "Great Gatsby" Gala.

David Fury, Clare Kramer, Elin Hampton, and James Marsters at the 2014 PIFF "Great Gatsby" Gala.

PIFF 2014 Honorees

James Marsters of "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" fame, was honored with our Career Versatility Award for his incredible talent on the stage, screen, and as a musician. Award presented by acclaimed "24", "Buffy", and "Hannibal" writer David Fury.

Jay O. Sanders and Mimi Kennedy were honored with our Lifetime Achievement Awards for their ecclectic and brilliant careers. Awards Presented by "The Dissection of Thanksgiving" director Rafael Monserrate (to Mr. Sanders) and the hilarious Tony Peyser (to Ms. Kennedy). 

Actor Michael Gross

was honored with our Career Inspiration Award for his wonderful and inspiring career. Award presented by "Guest House" director Aaron Wolf.

Actress Clare Kramer

was awarded the Visionary Award for her spectacular talents and accomplishments. Award presented by acclaimed "24", "Buffy", and "Hannibal" writer David Fury.

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