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Thank you for your generosity! 

We are all in this together, and cannot wait to see you all at the movies!


Thursday, June 30


The Great Gatsby Gala & Award Ceremony is for pass holders only. Your All Access Passes will grant you access to the Gala. We cannot include plus-ones. If friends, cast, or crew, would like to attend the Gala/Award Ceremony, they must purchase a Gala Pass on our website.

Passes will not be sold at the door.

The dress code for the evening is Black Tie Optional - 1920's attire suggested. So, for gents, if you own or would like to rent a tux, please do so; otherwise, a dark suit and tie will do. For the ladies, this means a floor-length formal gown or dress, or 1920's flapper attire. 


To enter the Speakeasy you must be over 21. 


Passes can be picked up at the start of the festival at will call, at the Laemmle Playhouse 7 movie theater on Colorado Blvd. in Pasadena. If you did not yet pick up your Pass at the theater, they will be available for pickup at the Gala, starting at 7pm (Thursday, June 30). But, Gala Passes will not be sold there


Please note there are FREE PARKING GARAGES (first 90 minutes)

We have created an event that is walkable but if you drive, Pasadena is known for strict parking rules, so please pay special attention to parking signs and park in garages whenever possible. Check individual websites for each venue regarding parking information. We cannot be held liable for parking tickets, fees, fines, or towed vehicles. Please also be careful jaywalking. People do it all the time in New York, but here in LA, police will ticket you, and we’d hate to have that happen.

On-Street Metered Parking

Hours of Operation: 
Sun - Thurs. 11am to 8pm; 
Fri. - Sat. 11am to Midnight
No overnight parking 2:00am to 6:00am

Rates: $1.25 per hour in the heart of Old Pasadena; $0.75 cents per hour in the area South of Dayton Street between Pasadena and Raymond Avenues.




1 - Best Feature Film:

  • Albatross 

  • Anchorage 

  • Exemplum 

  • Last Chance Charlene 

  • him & her


2 - Best Short Film:

  • Post No Bills

  • Shock, Drugs, Anger, Love

  • Talk To Me

  • Litter

  • Rogue: The Western 

  • Watcher 

  • Blue Moon 


3 - Best Documentary Feature: 

  • Man Behind The Curtain 

  • 80 Years Later 

  • Song For Hope 


4 - Best Documentary Short: 

  • Wired Differently

  • Never Again Para Nadie 

  • Postcards 

  • Legacy: The Life of Canto Robledo 

  • Greg Is Here 


5 - Best Feature Screenplay 

  • (TBD)


6 - Best Short Screenplay 

  • (TBD)


7 - Best Stage Play 

  • (TBD)


8 - Best Student Film 

  • Apart 

  • Gamin 

  • Postcards 

  • When She Was Good 

  • Smokescreens 


9 - Best Music Video 

  • (TBD)


10 - Best Animation 

  • Bon Appétit!

  • Mila


11 - Best Actor (Feature) 

  • Dakota Loesch (Anchorage

  • David Keeley (Albatross

  • Callan McAuliffe (him & her

  • Romaine Waite (Albatross

  • Cameron James Matthews (Last Chance Charlene


12 - Best Actress (Feature): 

  • Allison Ewing (Last Chance Charlene

  • Cristina Spruell (him & her)

  • Sarah Orenstein (Albatross)

  • Alley Mills (Last Chance Charlene

  • Brittany Lewis (Exemplum)


13 - Best Actor (Short):

  • Reginald M. Jernigan (750 Million and Counting

  • Jonathan Rex Hudson (Post No Bills

  • Francis Lansang (Talk To Me

  • Temple Baker (Litter)

  • Pat Skipper (Blue Moon

  • Russ Russo (Victim No. 6

  • Joseph Lopez (Apart)

  • Zach Fink (Litter)

  • Devon Deshaun Stewart (Civil Disobedience: The Samaritan

  • Ruben Guevara (Hey)


14 - Best Actress (Short): 

  • Jaime Saginor (Black Creek Trail)

  • Raquel McPeek-Rodriguez (Post No Bills

  • Kaja Caroline Kojan (Talk To Me

  • Jodi Moore Lewis (HEaRD

  • Oyemen Ehikhamhen (Rogue: The Western

  • Tia Shipman (Always)

  • Heather Brittain O'Scanlon (Victim No. 6

  • Jillian Reeves (Broken)

  • Floriane Andersen (Unforgotten) 

  • Tatiana Mariesa (The Altors)


15 - Best Director (Feature) 

  • Scott Monahan (Anchorage

  • Paul Roland (Exemplum

  • Myles Yaksich (Albatross

  • Tony Gapastione (Last Chance Charlene

  • Ice Mrozek (him & her


16 - Best Director (Short) 

  • Daren D. Dien (Talk To Me

  • Marina Marlens (Litter)

  • Danielle Savre (HEaRD)

  • Hollis Sherman-Pepe (Twenty Minute Exotic Getaway)

  • Carly Miller (Rogue: The Western

  • Diamond Batiste (Always

  • Alan Sanchez (Watcher

  • Diliana Deltcheva (Blue Moon)

  • Nancy Menagh (Victim No. 6)

  • Tony Lugo (Black Creek Trail


17 – Best Horror/Thriller 

  • Angel City Horror 

  • Watcher 

  • Victim No. 6 

  • Black Creek Trail 

  • Chicks 

  • Follow Me, Please 


18 – Best Sci-Fi:

  • Diviner 3000 

  • The Cloaked Realm 

  • Twenty Minute Exotic Getaway 

  • Empiricism 

  • Talk To Me 


19 – Best Comedy: 

  • Hometown Boys

  • Litter

  • Anaconda 

  • Fridge 

  • Melons 


20 – Honorable Mention 

  • (TBD

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